“Your advice on perseverance and determination empowered the children with a lesson that they will certainly need throughout their lives, and one they will not soon forget.  The children enjoyed learning about what it takes to actually make a published book.  Taking them through the procedure from beginning to end truly gives the students a picture of the entire process, and hearing it from you made it even more magical...Being a positive role model for children is a job for only a few select individuals, and you certainly play the part.”

---Heather Jankowski
Houston, TX

“Your presentation garnered rave reviews from teachers and students alike.  The combination of your personal story, slides, the interactive publishing story, and reading your work made for a most interesting presentation.  The closely packed fifth graders could have strayed, but you had them in the palm of your hand.”

---Bob Leuiaire
Concord, MA

“Your personal story of perseverance is exactly what every young student needs to hear... With your warm smile, enthusiasm and creativity you captured their hearts and attention.  We were all entertained, but also gained a new perspective on the intricate process necessary to have an idea finally become a book!”

---Judy Saunders
Havertown, PA

“Jarrett has inspired many to never give up and sparked a fire within them to love books!”

---Janna Guillary
   Houston, TX

school visits by author/illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka