Jarrett has always loved to draw!
Jarrett wrote his first books in elementary school. You can read them by clicking on the covers!
Click the covers to read free eBook versions of Jarrett's elementary school literary efforts!
Jarrett also wrote and illustrated comics as a kid. After school, he would take out blank sheets of paper and make his own books.
Jarrett drew the cover for his 8th grade yearbook.
In high school, Jarrett took every art class he could. In those classes, he had to draw still lives. He also had the chance to draw the comics for his high school newspaper, The Napoleon. 
In Jarrett's senior year of high school, he wrote his first picture book.
Jarrett studied illustration at Rhode Island School of Design. The first few years of coursework were filled with required drawing and painting classes.
When Jarrett returned to his characters, those painting and drawing courses influenced his work.
Before graduating RISD, Jarrett wrote the first drafts of books that would later be published.
Two years after graduation, Jarrett saw the publication of his first book!
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