Jarrett's wife's name is Gina.
(Isn't she beautiful?)
Jarrett loves being a dad.
Jarrett's pug is named Ralph Macchio. (Gina's first crush.)
Jarrett was raised by his grandparents and started a scholarship in their memory.
Jarrett loves to spend time by the shore in the summer.
Jarrett loves snowboarding.
Jarrett goes a little overboard with the pumpkins at Halloween.
Jarrett loved Pac-Man as a kid. He loves it now, too. 
He once made a Pac-Tree.
This is his high score.
Jarrett has twice seen his name lit up in Times Square, thanks to his readers!
Jarrett worked as a counselor at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for several summers.
Jarrett sang the Reading Rainbow theme song with LeVar Burton at the 2010 Children's Choice Book Awards Gala. 
(Video courtesy Kidsmomo.com)
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