Jarrett J. Krosoczkawrites non-fiction books for young readers. For six years, Jarrett lived  and worked on a farm in Wisconsin. There, he discovered that the barnyard animals were holding secret rock shows at night. He was there when they rehearsed, there when they performed and even followed them on tour, taking a copious amount of notes. After his research was finished, he wrote a picture book, with their blessing, calledPunk Farm. After his time in Wisconsin came to a close, he went undercover in an elementary school to reveal the secret lives of lunch ladies. He chronicled what he learned in the Lunch Ladygraphic novel series. Disgruntled cafeteria staff across the country are very unhappy with Jarrett, they didn't want their cover blown! It is for this reason that Jarrett travels with a security team while promoting his books.Currently, Jarrett is working with a group of platypuses who keep the city streets safe and is writing about his experiences in a chapter book entitledPlatypus Police Squad.
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